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Financing Available through Snap Home Finance

As we all know, extreme temperatures in Northern Ontario can cause havoc. That fireplace to supplement your heating, act as a back up and, reduce heating costs is exactly what you were looking for, peace of mind.  Or...

Perhaps that air conditioner is better timing right now because summer is around the corner and,  you  could not forget what those hot unbearable summer nights of tossing and turning were like last year.  

You really can make that dream come true! 

Independent offers home financing by " Snap".  With an open loan, low monthly payments, low interest and various terms to suit your needs. Make the right choice, Independent Energy Services Co. Ltd. has the perfect solution for you. Call us today!



  • Get your ideal improvement for an affordable monthly payment.

  • Pay off at any time.

  • Receive a significantly lower interest rate than a credit card, which can have rates as high as 29%.

  • Pay with hassle-free direct debit payments or even put your payments on your credit card. *

* In order to take advantage of credit card payments, the payment plan needs to be initiated this way.



  • Add value to your home with the most energy efficient option.

  • Invest in added upgrades now instead of costly repairs later.

  • By not depleting cash reserves, you are better prepared for real emergencies.

It's confidential, it's easy, it's finally here!

Get started on your home improvements today, click the snap link below and get pre-approved.  You're just minutes away from that total home comfort.

snap home finance
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