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Proudly a Trane Comfort Specialist,

Independent Energy Services offers a full line of Trane Gas Furnaces, to meet your budget.  By continuously upgrading  its systems  in the heating industry, there are now several types of furnaces designed in efficiency to control the temperatures with accuracy and deliver most comfort for your home.  There are different types to choose from such as:  Single Stage Furnace, Two Stage Furnace, Modulating Furnace and Variable Speed Furnace to name a few. 

Single Stage Furnace was the most popular furnace purchased for some time.  Its units are equipped with one of the most uncomplicated mechanical designs for calling heat to your home. Newer single stage models are made as a high efficient units, however they do not have the same configuration or benefits of the two-stage or variable speed blower motors. 


The blower motor in a single stage furnace does just that, runs on a single stage.  The air delivery does not change and will run at full capacity until it reaches the thermostat setting  and then shuts off.  


This simple cycle hits you with a blasts of heat and it gives you the comfortable temperature you requested. It warms the home and maintains comfort level until the temperature level drops in the home once more and the unit calls for heat again providing the same warmth you had earlier.  This unit is  the most affordable option to purchase. 

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A Two Stage Furnace's programming differs from that of the single stage unit. On moderately cold days, the furnace will only use the first stage of heating  and will run continuously for its entire heating cycle rather than giving off blast of  air to rise indoor temperatures until the thermostat is satisfied.


The efficiency is due to the operation of the burners.  A 2 stage furnace will only full fire when the indoor temperature drops during the cycle of the first stage.


This feature not only increases fuel efficiency but also has the added value of a more continuous and even airflow distribution throughout the home  helping to eliminate  cold spots and best of all is more cost efficient.    This  is achieved by long and slower heating cycles.  

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HOW IT WORKS - MODULATING with Variable Speed

This furnace provides the highest level of efficiency and offers the ultimate in-home comfort.  Efficiency and comfort are achieved by using a circuit board to fully manage adjustable fan speeds and burner firing.  The fan speed fluctuates in accordance with temperature demand and has incremental settings. 


Due to these settings, the room temperature never varies more than 1 or 2 degrees from the thermostat's target temperature.   In contrast to a standard furnace, a modulating furnace only makes slight operating adjustment in order to achieve optimum efficiency and comfort.  Since this type of furnace rarely reaches high fire, it consumes much less energy.


This unit also operates with finesse, and  continual lower blower speed means you will not hear loud rushes of air blowing throughout your homes duct work. 

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Why Choose Trane

Why Choose Trane

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Sometimes crisis situations happen in life. Your furnace breaking down in the middle of night or even in the dead of winter is a prime example .  We do understand how expenses add up quickly and the need to replace equipment never usually happens at a most opportune time.   So whatever the case may be, Independent Energy Services Co. Ltd. can help you find that  resolution that makes you smile again. Book an FREE in-home consultation.  Its fast, its easy and at your fingertips.  

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