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Proudly a Trane Comfort Specialist,

Independent Energy Services offers a full line of Trane Air Conditioners, Ductless Splits and Heat Pumps.  Selecting what type of system is right for you will depend on the construction for your home and your geographical location.


The most common cooling system is called a Split Air Conditioner, this unit requires the blower from a forced air furnace/air handler and ductwork as a means to move the cooled air.  This is the most commonly used system.

No Duct-work, No Problem!  Ductless systems are a flexible and easy solution to having no duct-work.  They can easily be mounted on the wall or ceiling and have the option to heat & cool or simply cool your home.


A single-zone (also called a mini-split) ductless system allows you to control the temperature of one room by connecting an outdoor unit to an indoor unit.  An outdoor mini-split unit is placed outside your home and is connected to an indoor mini-split unit by small cables and a refrigerant line through a hole in the wall.


A multi-zone (also called a multi-split) ductless system connects an outdoor unit to an one or more indoor units, letting you control the temperature in several different zones of your home.

No natural gas, No problem!  Depending what climate you live in, heat pumps are an economical solution for homes with no access to natural gas. Since the unit moves heat from one place to another instead of generating heat, they are energy efficient and have low operational cost.  

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Why Choose Trane

Why Choose Trane

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